what we do

What we do

We believe that communication should have a defined purpose which is linked directly to business strategy. We work with clients to understand their commercial needs and to identify the most appropriate communication channels, content and culture to meet these.

We often do this as follows:

  • Map the Moment: where are you now?
  • Forsee the Future: where do you want to be?
  • Shape the Strategy: how do you get there?
  • Do the Delivery: make it happen.

How we work

To ensure that our communication solutions can best meet a wide variety of unique requirements we have a flexible approach to working with our clients.

We can undertake one off projects or be retained to provide on going communication support, including the outsourcing of entire roles or departments if required.

In addition, we can identify and allocate interim communication resource to plug a short term gap.

Our approach

We have developed and use an approach to developing strategic communication which we call the Three C's:

By analysing and combining these three key areas of communication we are able deliver holistic and effective communication strategy or project recommendations to meet your particular needs.

However, we are not the sort of people to come up with fancy proposals then walk away. Anything we recommend we are also able to implement - combing strategy with delivery in this way ensures that our recommendations are practical, doable and effective.

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