Communication Channels

Communication Channels

Having established your communication culture and content requirements, we can then consider how you can most effectively deliver & receive communication with various audiences. Choice of channel is key to effective delivery. This is when we factor in what is being communicated, who it is being communicated to and who it best communicated by. For example, 'high concern' content requires face to face communication whilst on going information can be delivered by less personal means such as print or web. Employees prefer to receive bad news direct from their line mangers, but may want to hear about vision and strategy from senior leaders. Practicalities such as language, literacy, access to IT, shift patterns and role requirements also need to be considered and the same communication may need to be delivered via different channels to different audiences.

Areas covered often include:

Magazines, Mailers & Printed Materials

Despite the growth in on line communication, printed media can still provide the best channel for reaching employees and other audiences. A well executed company magazine, showing how people are delivering the company strategy and living the values, can reinforce a company's messages and entertain and engage its readers at the same time. A targeted and timely leaflet or flyer can deliver tailored communication on a particular theme or topic, whilst other printed materials, such as posters for noticeboards, brochures or even mousemats and mugs can have their place in an integrated communication campaign.

Allman Communication advises on the best, most cost effective and impactful use of printed materials to meet a variety of communication needs - and also works with clients to ensure that concepts are carried through to implementation and that they really deliver.

Creating an Impactful Company Newspaper

Engaging Employees at a Live Event

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Websites, Intranets & Social Media

Allman Communication doesn't believe in recommending 'new media' just because it is new and everyone else seems to be doing it. We will, however, always recommend the best channel to reach your chosen audience for any given message. Sometimes that will be via websites, intranets, blogs or some of the other social media that are springing up - and when this is the case, our focus is on effective communication, not the nuts and bolts of the IT infrastructure. We do, of course, work with IT experts to ensure that what we suggest is fit for purpose and works within its environment, but what we really want to know is - what is the objective of the communication and will this media achieve it? When the answer is a resounding 'yes' then we will make sure it reaches the parts other communication channels don't!

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Conferences & Events

A well delivered conference or event can be a great way to communicate with a large group or to make a real impact. It is important that the purpose is clear and that it remains central to all event planning and delivery. Everything from delegate selection and management, through to content creation, event production and follow up needs to link directly to the communication objective which in turn must deliver on business strategy.

Allman Communication has managed successful company conferences and delivered truly exceptional live events for audiences ranging from dozens to hundreds. We have also followed up such events with roadshows, cascades and other communication campaigns to reinforce and add value to the communication objective and to ensure a company's investment in a major communication activity is maximised.

Premier Foods’ Management Conference

Engaging Employees at a Live Event

Communicating Key Messages at a Company Conference

Launching Vision & Values at a Live Event

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Video & DVD

Making a movie, filming an event or capturing key messages on DVD are all great ways to distribute consistent communication in a compelling and easily accessible way. It is the next best thing to hearing it from the horses mouth and it is a medium which can be used cost effectively to reach large and diverse audiences.

Allman Communication works with specialists in this field to ensure that regular or ad hoc videos complement and enhance an on going or one off communication programme, bringing messages to life for a broader audience.

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Employee Surveys & Feedback Channels

Communication is a two way process and listening to opinions and seeking feedback are important components of any effective communication programme. Constructive criticism, ideas and suggestions are the lifeblood of communication and can help to shape and evolve campaigns to better meet the needs of internal and external audiences.

Allman Communication is experienced in designing and delivering employee engagement surveys as well as in creating on going, day to day feedback channels via the web, telephone or face to face.

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Team Briefing & Cascades

The lifeblood of many effective internal communication programmes is an effective team briefing and cascade cycle. Key content is generated centrally, usually linked to company performance and key news, and this is fed into team briefs undertaken at a site, team or functional level. The role of the line manager is key to the success of team briefing and skills training can be undertaken to ensure that impact and effectiveness are maximised at a local level. Skills are required in both delivering a team briefing and, as importantly, in gathering, responding to and sharing feedback.

Allman Communication is experienced in helping businesses to establish, evolve or measure the effectiveness of team briefing as well as in helping line managers to understand their role as communicators and to build the skills required to do this effectively.

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