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Your communication requirements will often be content driven i.e. you will have something specific you want to share with one or more of your audiences or need them to share with you. This is when we ask what exactly is it you want to communicate and what is it you want to hear about?

Areas covered often include:

Mergers and Acquisitions

A change of ownership brings with it considerable uncertainty and potential for unrest. Leaders are excited about opportunities and synergy benefits, while employees are just wondering if they have a job and where they fit into the new organisation. This is a critical time to get communication right and to bring employees from both sides along with you.

This is an area of specialism for Allman Communication. We have been involved - on behalf of acquired and acquirer - in numerous M&A and integration situations. A key principle in all has been to inform employees about as much as possible as soon as possible, to support them during periods of personal uncertainty, to involve them in creating their future and to give clear direction about where the company is going and what is expected of them.

Announcing an Acquisition

Informing and Engaging Employees During Major Change

Launching Vision & Values at a Live Event

Post Acquisition Communication

Providing Clear Direction Post Acquistion

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Major Change Programmes

Maintaining employee motivation and the engagement of external audiences during periods of major change can be a constant challenge for many organisations, where change has increasingly become a way of life. New systems, outsourcing, re-organisations, downsizing, closures, new ways of working, changes to benefits or working conditions all require careful planning and co-ordinated communication to ensure that regulatory requirements are met and key stakeholders not only know what is changing, but they also understand why and can buy into the change rather than resist it.

Allman Communication has considerable change communication experience and has helped businesses communicate all of the above changes and more. We understand that one approach does not necessarily fit all in these circumstances and we work with organisations to tailor communication to meet the varying needs of employees and other audiences as they move through the change curve from requiring information and support to a need for clear direction and involvement.

Informing and Engaging Employees During Major Change

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On Going Business Performance

A key question any individual, team or organisation likes to have answered is 'how are we doing?' It is important not only to set and share individual objectives, team targets and company goals, but to keep people informed of progress against these.

Regular and consistent communication of business performance is the foundation of many corporate communication programmes. Indeed, opportunities to share such information often drive the communication timetable - with annual conferences, quarterly updates, monthly briefings and team meeting schedules driven by the financial calendar.

Allman Communication helps companies to prepare and present performance information in a way which is meaningful and motivating to employees and other stakeholders.

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Vision, Values and Business Strategy

Having tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees all pulling in the same direction is a powerful and effective weapon in today's competitive marketplace. To achieve this, employees need to understand and buy into the company's vision, recognise and relate to its values and have visibility of the strategy and their role in delivering it.

Aligning these messages across often diverse or disparate internal and external audiences, ensuring clear understanding of what is important and translating that understanding into action which really makes a difference to the bottom line are all vital components of effectively communicating vision, values and strategies.

Allman Communication has successfully achieved all of the above in a number of award winning programmes which have demonstrably improved engagement and results.

PepsiCo UK Vision & Strategy Communication

Premier Foods' Employee Vox Pops

Bringing a Company's Values to Life

Launching a company's vision and brand values

Launching Vision & Values at a Live Event

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Building Brand Passion

Imagine how effective your business would be if you could build and harness real employee passion behind your brand. To achieve this, employees need to not only understand a company's brand values, but to really live and breathe them. That means brand values need to be fully aligned to all communication, performance measurement, reward and recognition mechanisms to create an integrated environment that truly supports and enables brand passion.

Allman Communication works closely with HR and marketing teams, drawing on their expertise and technical skills, to ensure that brand passion is being nurtured and encouraged inside an organisation in order to provide maximum impact with customers and consumers outside.

Building Employee Engagement & Involvement

Engaging Employees as Brand Ambassadors

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Employment Brand

Attracting and retaining the best talent available is critical to any organisation, but it is a sellers market where existing employees and potential recruits can pick and choose from a plethora of offers from employers eager to secure them. To stand out in such a crowded marketplace and become known as a 'great place to work', organisations need to nurture and promote their employment brand at least as much as their product or corporate brand.

Allman Communication works to define what is attractive and true about an organisation as an employer, identifying what gives it advantage over others in its competitive set and creating a compelling employment brand story based on these credentials. We then use our communication expertise to ensure that existing employees, potential recruits and important influencers, such as the media, educational establishments, recruitment bodies, have maximum exposure to your employment brand and the best opportunity to connect with it.

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