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Communication Culture

At the heart of any communication campaign is the communication culture of your organisation. To get to the bottom of this, we ask why you want to communicate, what behaviours you want to change as a result of communicating and what you want communication to feel like in your organisation? Finding the answers to these questions gets us to the heart of your requirements and helps us to identify the communication capabilities required to deliver them.

Areas covered often include:

Leadership & Management Communication Skills

High quality, effective leadership is essential to the success of any organisation. Businesses need people at senior levels who are capable of leading the organisation and their teams - not just to meet short term business results, but to create an environment in which individuals and the organisation can continue to flourish in the future. The tone of an organisation is set at the top and leaders must recognise the impact their words and actions have on employees and the important role they can play in creating a positive culture, conducive to growth.

Allman Communication works with leaders and managers to help them to see that it is not just 'what' they need to communicate that matters, but that 'how' they go about it. Their behaviours, culture and values can bring business strategy to life and communicating these to others - through words and deeds - is a key skill for leaders and managers.

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Relationship Building & Conflict Resolution

Effective relationships - with colleagues and other stakeholders - are at the heart of any successful organisation. This is particularly true in today's adversarial environment, when pressure groups, the media, politicians, trade unions and other opinion formers present new and growing challenges on the way you trade and on your corporate or brand reputation.

Allman Communication is highly experienced in helping organisations to engage with their adversaries - explaining their views and listening to the others; applying lessons learned from over ten years in the alcohol and food sectors, we help businesses to get back on the front foot, promote constructive debate and have even been know to turn adversaries into advocates.

Securing Stakeholder Support

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Crisis Handling

Product contaminations, fatalities, factory fires, terrorist acts, kidnappings and extortion - we all hope these sort of things will never happen, but if they do, being prepared and reacting effectively can not only alleviate the immediate crisis, but also help prevent any potential long term damage to your brand or corporate reputation.

Having capable and experienced resources able to handle the communication aspects of any crisis enables business to focus on other priorities such as public safety, employee welfare and continuity of supply. Allman Communication has planned for and handled numerous crises and can ensure that your response to media, politicians, employees, neighbours and other relevant authorities is co-ordinated and appropriate.

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Media & Presentation Training

Interviews with broadcast media or speaking engagements at conferences and events are excellent opportunities to promote (or defend) your corporate or brand reputation to a wide audience. Nevertheless, many companies shy away from such opportunities because they feel ill equipped to maximise the opportunity or anxious about the risks involved.

Allman Communication helps organisations to build the skills and confidence to make the most of these opportunities - and can also seek out appropriate platforms to put these new found skills into practice. Our experience includes national and regional TV & radio, company conferences, business pitches, industry dinners, award ceremonies, specialist conferences and events.

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Communication & Stakeholder Audits

An important first step in many communication programmes is to gain a better understanding of where you are now, and there is no better way to do that than to 'ask the audience'. This can involve undertaking an independent audit to find out what key audiences think of an existing communication programme or testing if your understanding of your corporate or brand reputation matches that of the people you are trying to impact or influence.

Allman Communication is expert in identifying which audiences to audit, then asking the right questions and interpreting responses to provide a true picture of the starting point for a communication programme - or to track progress against objectives. Methods used include one to one interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, on line or paper surveys and feedback forms. All can provide useful intelligence to help organisations to prioritise communication requirements and design communication programmes.

Evaluating Employee Communication

Evaluating Employee Satisfaction

Strategic and Operational Review

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